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Wire Machines

Artos Wire Stripper & Cut to Length Machine
Models CA-6 & TA-20, Wire cutoff, Stripper w/stands

$3,200 Sale Price $1,600 Each (2 in stock)
Durant Tool Wire Unwinding Reel
Variable speed control from 1 to 10, Emergency stop button, Adjustable spring loaded tension, More info coming soon

F. B. Shuster Wire-Rod-Straightener
Type AWS & CM, S# 1A-250, 3/16" Capacity, 10hp 220/440v 3ph 60cyc 1,120 rpm 28/14 amps

$8,500 SOLD
Heartly Sleeper Spring Maker
Model 692, No. 00, S# 50-11743, S# 68-11850, S# 49-11743, Wire size from .003 to .015, Coil range from 1/32 to 1/4" I D, Univ./Loader/Variable speed

$3,000 Each (3 in stock)
Lubow 4 Head Wire Bending Machine
Model 4SA, S# 8, 4 Heads, Foot pedal control, More info coming soon

Park Research Coil Winding Machines
Model TW 050, S#1169, 115v 1ph 60hz
$600 each (3 in stock)
PSI Engineered Systems CNC Wire Bending & Cutoff Line
Programmable, Straighten/Stake & Bend, w/Shuster wire straightener, 1.5hp motor

$7,500 (2 in stock)
Samuel Spring Maker
Type O segment type, 30 to 300 Springs per min, Variable speed, 3/4hp, 1/32" to 5/8" Inside coil diameter, Wire range from .004 to .040" dia., Each with a national standard feeder reel, Variable speed S# 291, Model 150843

$3,000 Each (2 in stock)
Selco Engineering CNC Wire Bending & Cutoff Line
Programmable, Straighten/Stake & Bend, w/Shuster Wire Straightener, 1.5hp motor

Shuster Wire Straighteners
Model 20SST, 1.5hp motor

$4,500 each (3 in stock)
Shuster 3/16" Wire Straightener
S# 1AVS5-538-79, 3/16" Capacity, Variable speed control, Start/Stop buttons, Jog/Off/Run switch, Emergency stop Button, Reset button, Red Lion digital counter, More info coming soon

$4,500 SOLD
Shuster 5/16" Wire Straightener
5/16" Capacity, More info & photos coming soon

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